Videotutorial: building a turntable with Arduino

From YouTube user “ACROBOTIC” an advanced videotutorial dedicated to turntables. In 3D scanning, turntables are a great tool especially when paired with photogrammetry software.  Photography automation can be a time-saver for professionals, so even if this tutorial is probably not for everyone, it is indeed something worth watching. You can watch the videotutorial directly on…

Videotutorial: Scandy Pro mobile 3D scanning

From YouTube user “Uncle Jessy” a nice videotutorial (running time: 25 minutes) about 3D scanning using scandypro,  a mobile scanning app based on Google Tango’s technology. You can watch the videotutorial directly on Uncle Jessy’s YouTube channel: You can find more 3D scans made with Scandy on their official Sketchfab page.

Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner Review

From YouTube user “Holocreators GmbH” we learn today about the Artec Space Spider 3D: a portable 3D scanner for parts between 5cm -30cm. You can see the review below, directly from the official YouTube channel:

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