The best DIY 3D scanners (2019)

Great article by 3Dsourced that covers DIY scanners – while obviously there are professional solutions for professionals lets not forget that a lot of people do 3D scanning for fun, maybe with just a cellphone and a copy of 3DF Zephyr Free or Meshroom. So lets see what you can 3D print / DIY in the comfort of your home on this great article.

3D scanners can get really expensive. We’d know, we tested and researched them all to create our ranking of the 17 best 3D scanners of 2019. However, if you’re willing to be a little more thrifty you can save a lot of money building your own DIY 3D scanner. These aren’t necessarily worse quality, there are some very powerful DIY 3D scanners in our list, you just need to assemble them yourself. Moreover, some are free if you have a 3D printer to print out the parts. Therefore, we created our list of the 7 best DIY 3D scanner machines out there in 2019!

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