Top 12 best 3D software for beginners

This great article from 3dnatives covers the top 12 best 3D software for beginners. We often discuss 3D scanning on this website and often overlook that sometimes you may need to clean up your results. Fear not, as comes to our rescue with their (very well done!) top 12 of easy to use 3D…

Blender 2.8 released

Blender 2.8 has been released – a tool that everyone working with 3D scanning should learn sooner or later! Check the fantastic video by YouTube channel Gamefromscratch below! It’s finally happened, the final version of Blender 2.8 is here! UI redesigned, EEVEE realtime renderer, new cycles features, 2D grease pencil support and so much more….

Photogrammetry contest by 3Dflow

Photogrammetry company 3DFLOW has announced a new contest: 3D scan (using their Photogrammetry Software 3DF Zephyr) anything for a chance to win software, sketchfab subscription and the grand prize, a Valve Virtual Reality Kit! Learn more:

Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner Review

From YouTube user “Holocreators GmbH” we learn today about the Artec Space Spider 3D: a portable 3D scanner for parts between 5cm -30cm. You can see the review below, directly from the official YouTube channel:

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