Tutorial: using skanect with Structure Sensor by occipital

From occipital’s official Support page, a tutorial on 3D scanning using Skanect with their Structure Sensor in just 10 steps:

Using the Structure Sensor with Skanect makes it incredibly easy for nearly anyone to capture, refine and share high-quality 3D scans of people and objects. Here’s how to get started.


  1. If you want to enable color scanning, launch the Calibrator app on your iPad to calibrate your Structure Sensor with the iPad color camera. This step is only needed the first time, or if you detect that depth/color alignment is getting bad (e.g. after removing/reinserting the bracket several times, or if the bracket moved during transportation).
  2. Launch Skanect on your PC or Mac
  3. Launch the Structure app on your iPad and swipe up on the right hand menu to find and press ‘Uplink’
  4. Find a suitable object or person to scan, and press the “Rec” button on the iPad’s touchscreen
  5. You’ll now see that what you’re capturing on your iPad will be mirrored in the Skanect interface on your Mac or PC
  6. Walk around the object you are scanning until you have completed capturing all of it
  7. Press the “Stop” button on the iPad’s touchscreen
  8. You can now refine, save and export your 3D scan in Skanect
  9. For more tips on using Skanect, visit http://skanect.occipital.com/support/
  10. For more tips on 3D scanning using the Structure Sensor, visit http://structure.io/getstarted.


Read the full tutorial: https://support.structure.io/article/134-how-do-i-use-skanect-pro-with-my-structure-sensor


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