3DF Zephyr Pro Review

Dr Peter Falkingham, a Lecturer in Vertebrate Biology at Liverpool John Moores University,  has published a very interesting review about the photogrammetry software 3DF Zephyr Pro.

I really liked using 3DFZephyr – it’s easy to use, the interface is nice, it’s pretty quick, contains a bunch of useful tools, and development is going in a great direction.

The Lite Version at ~£150 is reasonable, but that 500 photos limit nags at me somewhat. It seems quite arbitrary, and isn’t something that affects, say, Photoscan/Metashape. That being said, it’s very rare that I reconstruct a model using over 500 photos, and if I did I could always fall back to Meshroom or COLMAP.

Read the full review: https://peterfalkingham.com/2019/05/29/photogrammetry-testing-3df-zephyr-pro-commercial-software/

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