Tutorial: scan & mocap with Kinect

Learn how to how to record your own Motion Capture data for Cinema 4D with this tutorial by Leigh Williamson (School of Motion).

What if you needed a very specific movement for a project? What if you wanted to motion capture your own movements? Do you need to rent one of those ping-pong ball suits?! I was just as curious as you so I took some time to research and test a DIY motion capture system that can be imported into Cinema 4D. The result is my recreation of the “crane kick” scene from the original Karate Kid movie. I’ve even setup a free project file for you to download and mess around with. Enjoy!

Motion capture is often very expensive and yet an important, often essential, component for 3D scanning. Learn how to build this great DIY motion capture rig using iPi Soft mixed with an Xbox Kinect Camera.

Read the tutorial: https://www.schoolofmotion.com/blog/diy-motion-capture

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